$499 Bankruptcy? Don’t be a victim of “bait and switch” ads!

$499 Bankruptcy

If you search on the Internet for “bankruptcy,” you will see ads offering bankruptcy for very low prices of, $499, $599, etc. Can you really hire a licensed bankruptcy attorney to complete the bankruptcy process and fully represent you for such a low price? Let’s face it, attorneys are expensive and in high demand.

Part of the bankruptcy paperwork submitted to the court includes an attorney fee disclosure. The bankruptcy rules require an attorney to disclose the fee he or she charged to the debtor. Ask the advertiser to show you 5 Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney fee disclosures from prior cases filed in the last 3 months showing the debtor paid only $499 or $599 or whatever low amount the firm advertises. See how the firm reacts to your request. Bankruptcy petitions are public record, so you do not have to accept any excuses that the firm cannot disclose “confidential” fee disclosures. The word “disclosure” means the firm has disclosed or publicized its fee. To protect the client’s confidentiality, the firm can cross out the social security number of the debtor and show you the fee disclosure. We only need the last four digits to prepare your bankruptcy petition.


Here at Express Bankruptcy Preparers we offer one simple price of just $99.00 for a full chapter 7 preparation. Never any additional costs with us, a simple Google search of bankruptcy attorneys near me will show you the difference.

The same idea applies to discount bankruptcy firms. In theory, there may be an extremely simple case that an attorney could handle for $499/$599. often attorneys end up charging you a much higher fee because your case is more complicated than the one advertised at the super low bait price. These firms are hoping that after you take the time to fill out a 20-page questionnaire, you won’t have the time or energy to start the process over with another attorney.

Here at Express Bankruptcy Petitioners our SAME DAY bankruptcy filing $99.00 is guaranteed to be accurate and up to date getting your discharge quickly. We prepare all your bankruptcy forms so you can file at a local bankruptcy court.

It can take up to a day for us to complete filing chapter 7 forms. All you have to do is spend an hour filling out our intake questioner then show up for a quick creditor meeting and you’re on the way to a new life. Contact us today and see how we can help today.

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