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Who Is Express Bankruptcy Preparers?

Headquartered in New England, Express Bankruptcy Petitioners Inc. is America's virtual leader in providing a wide range of affordable legal document preparation services for our clients. We focus on providing chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy documents that are created with each specific "pro se" individual in mind.

Why Choose Us?

On-Demand - Bankruptcy Preparers For The "Pro se" Client

Stop Creditor Harassment, Lawsuits, Repossessions

Avoid Courtrooms and Expensive Lawyers.

Don't let the bankruptcy legal system scare you.

Our paralegals are here to make it fast, easy and hassle-free.

Save Your Assets and Business

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Express Bankruptcy Services prepares all the documents necessary to file your Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is the type of bankruptcy that takes approximately 3 to 4 months to complete after it’s been filed with the court and is designed for people who have few assets and lots of debt but cannot afford to hire an attorney or simply do not wish to pay OUTLANDISH ATTORNEY FEES. Our virtual professional freelance staff comes from all walks of life, from paralegals to retired attorneys looking to stay busy.

We come highly recommended by our clients, trustees, local attorneys, and our local legal aid office. Why? All the chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies we prepare are straight up by the book and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
Same day service usually available for no additional cost . We prepare emergency Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions to stop garnishments, lawsuits, and foreclosures if you can provide us with all the info we need to properly prepare your bankruptcy.

Please note we do not prepare “shell” filings for “pro se” debtors because this type of filing has issues.

We cannot make your decisions for you or give you legal advice but we can prepare all the documents necessary for you to file your Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy court forms with complete accuracy.

Some people believe that a lawyer is required to complete a personal bankruptcy filing, which is not the case. If you cannot afford or do not want an attorney, you can file ‘pro se,’ which means without legal representation. Our staff is often called upon by consumers for information and assistance with paperwork during pro se filings. We will handle all the required forms using your provided information . All you have to do is pay the court clerks office of $355.00 and submit, its that easy!

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Order Now And Receive Your Very Own Virtual Personal Bankruptcy Paralegal. Super Easy Questioner Intake Forms. Just Fill Out Completely And Return To Us.

Step 2

We Then Correctly Prepare All Federal Forms Needed For A Successful Bankruptcy Filing.

Step 3

We Return All Federal Forms Back To You. Just Sign & File. We Also Include Form 103B Waiver Of Court Filing Fees. 100% Guaranteed Discharge Or Triple Your Money Back - It’s That Easy!

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